How to contribute!

The Cosmic Dash Story Archive is always looking for help in exploring the vast Silver Spiral Galaxy. While the easiest way for most people to contribute is through pitching topics via twitter or the Cosmic Dash forum, there are more substantial ways to be involved as well.


If you are artistically inclined, you can submit artwork of characters in general, such as fan art, that can be included in story content. You can also follow the creator of Cosmic Dash on twitter, where he will frequently post about specific art he is looking for, including commissions. While commissioning is the preferred way to obtain art for usage on the archive, the budget for Cosmic Dash may not always accommodate this. In this case, the creator is also willing to do trades, or accept simple sketches that he will clean up as a form of collaboration.


For those of you who are more inclined to contribute through writing, the setting accommodates a great variety of story types. If you wish to contribute something, the story developers for the setting, hpkomic and Deft Beck, will personally work with you to find out how your idea fits into the larger setting, or even provide you with enough information and a plot hook to take off from there. There are no minor stories or lore entries in the archive. Each addition adds a great deal to the setting. If you are a writer looking for a place to publish some writing for your resume, please consider working with us.


As the renown of Cosmic Dash grows, more money will be made available to compensate contributors for their efforts beyond the credits on the site. Any assistance rendered into then is treated with the utmost awe and veneration. The most important thing to remember, however is that whatever your contribution is, you retain the rights to said contribution and are free to distribute/print/publish however you wish. All we want is the ability to include it on the website. Further distribution/printing/publication requires the consent of the content contributor.

If you are game for any of this, please contact us on twitter, or send an e-mail to hpkomic.

Current Contributors

Writers: David Davis, Deft Beck

Illustrators: David Davis, Gemma Bright, Mr. Daco, ecunderbase, Reed Hawker, Josh Nickerson, Faster by Choice, Nathan RackleyRaxki YamatoIndigoats, Anonymous