The Cosmic Dash adventures take place in a fictional galaxy known as the Silver Spiral. The Silver Spiral is a rather average-sized galaxy, edging more toward the classification of small, but is teeming with life and unique cosmic phenomena. The current stories only explore a rough 25% of the galaxy as massive interstellar distances makes exploration slow.

The primary conflict of the series revolves around tensions between three major galactic governments, all of whom fractured from a larger, more ancient governing body (The Grand Galactic Alliance) in the past. After The Dividing War, the Federation, the Blassnaught Empire, and the Cyclopasian Neutrality became involved in an ongoing cold-war with rapid, aggressive territorial expansion.


The Federation is primarily composed of races that remained loyal to the basic tenets of the Grand Galactic Alliance, and primarily look to the stars for the purpose of discovery and knowledge. The Federation is highly bureaucratic and this has lead to them taking smaller steps in colonization compared to the Blassnaught empire.


The Blassnaught Empire was founded by several races who were angered by unjust colonial laws and primarily focuses on rapid expansion to build strong, well defended territories designed to diversify the empire. Their brute force colonization has opened up many new sectors of space to the empire as a whole, but the quality of life is far below that of The Federation.


The third faction, The Cyclopasian Neutrality, consists of several races who did not want to be directly involved with the expansionist tendencies of the other two competing factions, instead preferring to provide neutral territory to both sides and engage in vastly-unregulated business.