This website was established to archive the collection of Cosmic Dash short stories and lore entries that supplement the main webcomic. Content on this site is primarily divided into two distinct sets.

Lore: These are features that are in-universe writing, including articles, diaries, and other such content that is meant to come from the setting directly. Some lore content does hammer out a rough narrative over time, but ultimately is classified entirely as lore. Some exceptions do occur, however, and will be so noted.

Lore content is meant to represent actual in-universe writing and ranges from psychological profiles to interviews and in-universe publications.

Short Stories: These are features that tell stories. These may be stand-alone entries, or could be serialized in nature. Some of the stories revolve around the main cast of the comic, while others may be ways to explore the larger universe, such as the Nightlifers stories. Little in-universe writing exists in this classification, but there is the potential for it to show up in this category.

Short stories content makes up the bulk of prose on the site. Short stories focus on relaying information about the Silver Spiral Galaxy through compelling and entertaining prose.

A great deal of the content of the site is text-based, however there is often image accompaniment as well. The Cosmic Dash Stories Archive is open to contributors of all types, be they writers or artists. If you would like to become involved with the archive, please visit the contributors page.

Other features on the site include general information about the series including a characters page, a map, and setting page. These pages may also feature links to lists of content focused on featured characters or locations.